In My Kitchen with Tan Rutley

March 6, 2013 — 8 Comments

“Bitters are commonly used to add flavour to cocktails, but I rarely use them for this purpose. I’m going to tell you a little secret that might make me a little weird: my favourite drink is water. You heard me, plain old water. I usually drink it flat but sometimes I like to add some bubbles to the mix. When I’m feeling like I want a little more than just fizzy water, I add a few drops of bitters and bam! You’ve got sugar free pop in a range of flavours. My favourite is grapefruit. As a bonus, Angostura bitters, a descendant from herbal tinctures, has been used to cure stomach aches for nearly 2 centuries. A few drops of that in some sparkling water helps smooth those uncomfortable rumbles after a big meal. Which is perfect because I do love to eat.”

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Tan, a teacher/blogger/maker/hugger, has been blogging on and off since 1999. Anyone remember geocities? Yup, she’s old school. While she used to blog like a 15 year old writing in her diary, Tan now runs the lifestyle blog Squirrelly Minds. Tan creates and curates to make life pretty and fun through DIY projects, recipes, fashion, home decor and your next celebration. Tan lives on Canada’s west coast with her husband Ryan and their crazy-cute cat Lucy. Together, one day, they will have visited every pocket of the world (while looking pretty and fun).

Tan is my wonderful online/real-life friend! Her enthusiasm for life is nothing short of inspirational. xoxo

8 thoughts on “In My Kitchen with Tan Rutley”

  1. Yay! I love Tan. And I’ve just discovered bitters, myself. What a great idea to add them to fizzy water! Since I can’t get away with drinking much anyway, this is a fun way to add some spark to my drink without needing a nap immediately. Thanks, Tan and Melissa! xo

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