In My Kitchen with Joy Uyeno

April 17, 2013 — 4 Comments


“Although I never consciously started a collection, I’ve accumulated a bunch of mismatched teacups over the years. My friends love to come over, sink into my giant couch, and drink coffee or tea from these delicate cups. In fact, when I re-designed my blog, my best friend said, “It makes me feel like I’m about to have a cup of tea at your house!” It was the best compliment she could have given me. And, of course, with tea there must always be cake, so I usually have some of that handy, too.”

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Joy Uyeno writes about simple ways to live a happy and beautiful life at Frock Files. She also contributes to You Are My Fave and a number of blogs in the UK. Joy lives in the woods on the North Shore of Massachusetts by way of Honolulu, London, and Portland, Oregon–but she didn’t go to Harvard, doesn’t hula, has never met Prince William and has no tattoos. Her lovely man, James, is okay with that.

Joy is one of those friends that I feel like I’ve known forever. She is one of the sweetest, most gracious people I know, and it’s truly a privilege to call her Friend.

4 thoughts on “In My Kitchen with Joy Uyeno”

  1. So nice to see Joy here. One day, in real life, I’m going to have tea and cake with Joy. It just sounds like the most wonderful way to spend time with a friend, sharing conversation and drinking from those lovely cups. Your last comment about “…She didn’t go to Harvard, doesn’t hula, has never met Prince William and has no tattoos…” made me chuckle.

    1. Theresa, maybe we can all get together for tea one day! I was lucky enough to have breakfast with Joy last weekend, and it was a delight. I’m sure tea and cake would be even better!

  2. Pretty tea cups! A piece of cake is always a good idea. 😀 I enjoyed having breakfast with Joy last weekend and was hoping you would be able to come too as I keep hearing so many wonderful things about you from Joy and Tan!

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