Printable Apple Tags & Flags

September 4, 2013 — 4 Comments


I’m teaming up with the lovely Tiffany of Rue Rococo to bring you guys an awesome, easy, and fabulous DIY every month for the next little while! Right now, the plan is for all of the posts to be somehow related to edible gifts, but you never know what will strike my DIY fancy!

Up first, we have these sweet and simple printable apple tags and flags. You can put them on striped paper straws tied to little bottles of apple cider, string them onto a strand of bakers twine and make a festive Fall garland to pop onto a dessert table, put them around the sticks of Charms Caramel Apple lollipops…they are just so versatile!
You can find the downloads (and more ideas for how to use them!) on Rue Rococo! Happy Apple Season!

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