Classic Creme Brulee

March 29, 2013 — 2 Comments


Creme Brulee is one of my favorite desserts. I love the silky, creamy custard and the sharp, sugary crust. It is sinful and decadent, the perfect indulgence for special occasions and celebrations. And it’s always held special significance for me. The first time I ever had creme brulee was when my husband and I first started dating. We had gone out a few times, but this time, I asked him out. We had dinner at a fancy restaurant, ordered creme brulee for dessert, and went to the symphony–I guess I knew it was serious! A few months later, he gave me a book of creme brulee recipes and a kitchen torch for Valentine’s Day. And a month later, we got engaged! Now, whenever we see it on the menu, we order one to split. For old times’ sake. And because you’d have to be plum crazy to pass up a chance to have creme brulee!

Fortunately for everyone in the whole world, creme brulee is pretty easy to make at home. Our friend Dave has perfected a top secret recipe that he’s letting me share with you. You can find it on my latest dessert post for Best Friends For Frosting. You’re welcome, world!

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