Fried Peach Pies

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These delicious fried hand pies are filled with homemade peach jam, and are topped with a sweet, sugary glaze!

I know that today is the first day of Fall, but I had to hurry and post this recipe for Fried Peach Pies because it is so delicious! And I know we still have a few summer peaches hanging around, so I’m hopeful that you do as well. Earlier this year, I started writing for Eugene Magazine, a local, quarterly lifestyle publication here in Oregon. My first story was in the summer issue, and it was all about these yummy peach hand pies. I first heard about fried peach pies years ago while randomly chatting with someone from the south. Never having lived in that part of the country, I didn’t know that fried hand pies are a regional specialty, but after working on this story and eating lots of fried peach pies, I can see why they’re so popular! My recipe combines the best parts of all the different recipes I tried: it has a lightly spiced, sweet, jammy peach filling, a simple crust that is easy to work with and really delicious, and a sugary glaze to top it all off. Use the last of your summer peaches to make a batch, and I know you’ll agree with me—they’re amazing!

You can find the story and the recipe HERE on the Eugene Magazine website. All photos in this post are by me for Eugene Magazine.

These delicious fried hand pies are filled with homemade peach jam, and are topped with a sweet, sugary glaze!

These delicious fried hand pies are filled with homemade peach jam, and are topped with a sweet, sugary glaze!


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