Candy Bar Surprise Cookies

October 28, 2013 — 5 Comments


Back in college, some friends and I petitioned the cafeteria to start serving pistachio pudding. We set up a table outside, served samples to all of the students that walked by, and had them sign a petition. And it worked–the cafeteria started serving pistachio pudding! It’s a charming story of civics in action. Anyhow, we got to chat quite a bit with the cafeteria manager and got a tour of the big, industrial cafeteria kitchen, where they happened to be baking up Candy Bar Surprise Cookies. And that’s actually the real highlight of the experience. More than walking a dozen blocks from the dorms to my friend’s sister’s apartment to make pistachio pudding in her kitchen, more than passing out samples to hungry students outside the Morris Center, I remember getting to try these sweet, vanilla cookies filled with chocolate and gooey caramel. Even if the pistachio pudding campaign hadn’t been successful, the cookies alone would have made the whole effort worth it.

Candy Bar Surprise Cookies are the perfect way to use up all of those mini candy bars you’ll have leftover when Thursday’s trick-or-treating is through. You can find the full recipe on my latest post for The Font Feast for Ciera Design.

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