How To Cut a Caramel Apple

October 26, 2012 — Leave a Comment


So, I didn’t always know how to cut a caramel apple. It’s true! I remember watching my friend Ashley cut up a caramel apple about 5 years ago and being amazed at how easy and mess-free she made it. Silly me, I’d been pulling the stick out and cutting it the way I cut a regular apple: first in half, then in quarters, then in eighths, then cutting that cute little notch out of the middle of each slice. To be honest, my way took a really long time, made a big mess, and smeared the precious caramel, chocolate, and yummy toppings! But watching Ashley cut up that caramel apple made me leave behind my old-fashioned ways forever! I’ve never looked back.

Want to know how to cut a caramel apple the easy way?


BAM. You’re welcome.


PS–Maybe all of you already knew this, smart cookies that you are. 🙂

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