Building A Dream House: October

October 25, 2013 — 5 Comments


It’s been a month since my first post for Better Homes and Gardens’ Style Spotters blog! Lots of things have happened since then, but actual construction on the Dream House is sadly not one of them. *insert crying emoji here* So what’s the hold-up? And what things have we checked off the to-do list in October? You can find out on my latest Style Spotters post! Keep your fingers crossed that construction will start on Monday, and that we won’t get another 7 am phone call saying it’s delayed again!

5 thoughts on “Building A Dream House: October”

  1. Oh no, how frustrating! But I’m excited that it looks like you’ll start building soon, while the weather holds up. I can’t wait to see it all coming together!

  2. Saw that you are considering cement as one of the possibilities for the the kitchen counters. DON’T DO IT!! My husband does cement and concrete for a living and putting it in your kitchen is not a smart move. Anything acidic stains it (coffee rings included). You have to have it re-sealed at least once a year. And when you wipe down your counters they don’t look clean for a good 15-20 minutes while the water or cleaner that you used to wipe it down dries. Very annoying. It’s great for bathrooms, work benches, etc…but not the kitchen.

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