Kale Berry Smoothies

January 27, 2014 — 2 Comments


I’m not always very good at sticking to my New Year’s Resolutions. I’m usually pretty gung-ho about things at the beginning, but I have a tendency to give up rather quickly if the change I’m trying to make is either unpleasant or requires any kind of will power. So I’m more surprised than anyone that I’ve stuck with one of my resolutions for almost four whole weeks so far this year: to have smoothies for breakfast every day. I think the fact that smoothies are delicious and sweet probably helps a little a lot. These Kale Berry Smoothies are my favorite so far. They’re packed with nutrients and plenty of sweet, fruity flavor, and I actually look forward to having them for breakfast. Even my kids are fans; they’re quite disappointed if I wait until they’ve gone to school to make my smoothie!

You can find the recipe for these delicious, vitamin-packed Kale Berry Smoothies on my latest Font Feast post for Ciera Design.

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