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Star Gazing Party part 3

Today brings the last round of projects for the Star Gazing Party! To see previous projects, you can check part 1 and part 2. To round out the party, today’s projects are all things your party guests can take with them when they go home: cute party favors, a star game, galaxy pillow cases, printable star crowns and wands, and a printable constellation guide! Links to all of today’s project are below, and don’t forget to check in tomorrow for a fabulous give-away!!


8 thoughts on “Star Gazing Party part 3

  1. I think my mind just exploded Lulu!! Soo many ideas…I’m amazed! As if I wasn’t already excited about summer…now I’m super thrilled! Love! xoxo

  2. The Star Chart printable is adorable but I can’t get it to print right. The wheel ends up too big for the front. Do you have printing advice?

    1. Hi Amy. Are you downloading it to your computer first, then printing it? I know if you click on the link and then try to print it from the google docs preview without downloading it, you can run into sizing problems, even though it gives you a print button. Let me know if downloading it doesn’t help.

  3. I can’t seem to get the link for the star chart to work. I’m having a star gazing party for my son and would love to use this. Does anyone have a working link I can use or can email me the printable? T hanks!!

  4. I guess the salty pineapple blog is dead because that printable is no more. Which totally sucks! That was perfect for VBS this year.

  5. Hi Melissa. I am not able to find the link for downloading the star wheel. Please can you tell me which page I could find it in? Thank you.

    1. Hi Sandra. I can’t find the link either. It looks like the person whose blog it was on has changed some things around, and I can’t find it at all. I’m so sorry!! I have a printable constellation guide on that same post that you can print. It’s not exactly the same idea, but it might work for whatever you needed the star wheel for. Good luck!

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