In My Kitchen with Lexy Ward

October 30, 2012 — 9 Comments

My mother was always the woman to bring a meal to someone in need. She’d bake for no reason and deliver treats to her friends. The thing I remember most about this was how she packaged things. She’d wrap cookies or a loaf of bread with a burlap bag or a flour sack towel and secure it with baker’s twine.  I guess it stuck with me because I am now an avid twine collector. I always have flour sack towels and twine handy in case I need to bring a treat to a friend in need. The sparkle twine shown above is from We Love Citrus. There are so many fun color possibilities and it really dresses up any package!”

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Lexy Ward writes the lifestyle and party blog, The Proper Pinwheel. She features DIY projects, party inspiration, and edible goodness. She lives in Denver with her husband, and dog, Tagg.

If blogging had yearbook awards, Lexy would win Best Personality hands-down! She is as sweet and hilarious as she is talented. xoxo

9 thoughts on “In My Kitchen with Lexy Ward”

  1. Flour sack towels are my favorite! I have one with cupcakes on it, which I ration the use of (so it doesn’t get over worn). Thank you, Lexy, for the link to the twine. It’s so beautiful, and just the right touch for these delicious gifts. And thank you to Lulu for making the connection to The Proper Pinwheel. Another blog to fall in love with!

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