In My Kitchen with Lyndsay Sung

October 4, 2013 — 2 Comments

“As a baker, blogger, photographer and mama, I’m a constant juggler of many roles. I work when my kiddo is napping, when he’s up we play and have fun or go to playdates with his cousins, or we’re off to music class. I’m always coming up with cake DIYs and whipping up ideas in the kitchen, then photographing the outcome and setting up styled shoots in different rooms of our house. My brutal muffin-top-fueling weakness is freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with both milk and dark chocolate pieces and enough salt to make it sweet and salty!”
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Lyndsay Sung is a self taught baker with a degree in Women’s Studies/Film Studies and a Bachelor of Media Arts where she focused on film, video, photography and music. She learned how to bake after her grandma gave her a pink Kitchen Aid as a wedding present in 2007. She’s been blogging about her cakes at Coco Cake Land for 5 years, and has recently transitioned her blog to include many more DIYs, cake and party ideas, and easy baking recipes. Her family and friends are her shining lights. She loves creative people and sharing meals with friends.

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