New Years Cards from Minted

December 21, 2015 — 2 Comments

holiday cards from minted

We’ve had kind of a crazy Fall, so we’ve tried to pare down our commitments this holiday season and just spend time enjoying life. And it’s been wonderful so far! We’ve gotten all of the major things on our list done so that this week can just be peaceful and relaxing—shopping, parties, and even Christmas cards and are finished! Minted is my favorite place to find beautiful holiday cards, and the ones we picked out this year are no exception. I love the real gold foil on top of the vibrant green–such a pretty combination.

Now, I know it’s the Monday before Christmas, so if you didn’t have a chance to send out Christmas cards this year, there probably isn’t time. But you’re in luck thanks to Minted’s gorgeous line of New Years cards! A few years ago, we just couldn’t get cards ordered in time for the holidays, but we picked out truly lovely New Years cards from Minted, and it’s still one of my favorite cards we’ve ever sent out. There are so many beautiful New Years cards available, but I picked out a few of my favorites below—some colorful, some shiny, all stunning!

New Years cards from Minted

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