Reader Survey, 2016 edition

January 18, 2016 — Leave a Comment

Lulu the Baker 2016 Reader Survey

As I’m getting ready to plan out posts for the next little while, I have a huge favor to ask you guys: I’ve never done a reader survey before, but I feel like having an honest conversation with you about what you currently love or would love to see in the future on Lulu the Baker will help me make this blog even better. Are there certain types of posts that you would like to see more regularly? Is there something you wish I’d start writing about? Is there anything that drives you crazy about the site design, and you’ve been dying to get it off your chest? I’d love to get your feedback to help make Lulu the Baker the very best that it can be. To┬áparticipate in my little survey–just 13 easy questions!–click HERE. Thank you, friends, and stay tuned for some fun DIY bath and body recipes later in the week!