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In My Kitchen | Kelly Smith of Cloudy Day Gray

In My Kitchen Kelly Smith Cloudy Day Gray

“Honestly, my son begs me for a donut everyday after school, my daughter requests hot dogs and cheese whenever she is hungry, and my husband has very specific preferences. As for me, I just try to do the least amount of damage with what I have to work with. It is fair to say that cooking is out of necessity rather than passion or interest.

As much as I want us to be the healthiest people on the planet, right now it is just not realistic and that is oaky. I buy organic when I can, I broke up with aspartame, and I do my best to cook with whole foods. But I also really enjoy a classic graham cracker, fiber one bar (filled with who knows what), and the occasional chicken nugget. My daughter is allergic to eggs and sometimes the time that goes into making something from scratch just isn’t worth the time missed enjoying her laugh.

Maybe we will get there in a few years, but for now, my son indulges in the occasional donut, my daughter munches on microwaved turkey-dogs, my husband experiments with new food groups, all while I sip a green smoothie. We’ll call it a work in progress. I mean really, isn’t motherhood all about balance, acceptance, and flexibility anyway.”

– – – – –

Kelly Smith founded the blog Cloudy Day Gray after her daughter underwent a successful liver transplant at six weeks old. Since then she has been moving forward determined to give, live, and love a full life as a mother, wife, and donate life advocate.

5 thoughts on “In My Kitchen | Kelly Smith of Cloudy Day Gray

  1. this is so true!! And fantastic! Aren’t we all trying to do the best we can with what we have?! You inspire me and make me feel like we are all just normal moms on the same team.

  2. I just got back from the grocery store and was feeling really proud of myself that I did a half and half basket tonight. Half stuff I’m proud of buying and half stuff I know will actually be eaten 😉 virtual fist bump for keepin it real!

  3. Well said, Kelly! Healthy choices and realistic options. That sounds about like us too. I’m not above the occasional poptart when we’re running late, but we also have ol’ fashioned oatmeal a few times a week. It all evens out in the end!

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