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Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers


I have a deep, undying love for all things Tex-Mex. It might be due to the fact that we lived in San Antonio for a few years when I was in elementary school. Whatever made me this way, I’m sure grateful for it! I love the fajitas they used to grill in front of the grocery store. I love the sopapillas they would bring at Pancho’s when you ran the tiny Mexican flag up the little flagpole. I love the long, flouncy mexican-style skirt with the orange, red, yellow, and green layers that I dressed up in until the elastic in the waist gave out. *sigh*

So when my 4 year-old asked for a Dora party fiesta for her birthday this year, I jumped at the chance to fancy up the house with some south-of-the-border flair. Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers for our centerpiece, I made a few traditional Mexican paper flowers. They were easy to make and looked beautiful, and they added the perfect authentic fiesta touch to our party. Make some today for your Cinco de Mayo festivities next week!


tissue paper in various happy colors
wire or pipe cleaners


1. Stack up 4-6 sheets of different colored tissue paper.
2 & 3. Accordian fold the stack of tissue.
4. Wrap some wire or a pipe cleaner around the folded paper to create a stem.


5. Starting with the inner-most color, gently pull the paper up and toward the center.
6-8. Repeat with all of the other colors, making sure to shape them into a circle as you go.


9. Voila! Flower!
10. But if it happens to be a little too big, squish the bottom and
11. put a rubber band around it.
12. Voila! Slightly smaller flower!


10 thoughts on “Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. Oh my gosh, LuLu! This brings back so many memories! I’m having an Elton John party for my birthday in September – I am so going to have to make these!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I was just looking on the internet for tissue paper flowers for a preschool Cinco de Mayo party. ThanK YOU! I am also using some of your ideas from your post about Cinco De Mayo. Double Thanks.

    1. Another plus: you can use whatever color tissue paper you want to coordinate with your party colors! I think the colors I used were perfect for a fiesta, but some pastels would be gorgeous for a tea party!

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