Cherry Thumbprints

December 31, 2009 — 3 Comments

Happy New Year! Where does the time go?

For Christmas, my sweet friend Marcelle gave me a cute reusable shopping bag full of gourmet goodies. Among them was a jar of delicious cherry preserves. For whatever reason, when I saw them, I immediately thought they would be good on thumbprint cookies–even though I’ve never eaten or made thumbprint cookies. It was surprisingly hard to find a recipe for thumprints; most of my cookbooks simply didn’t have one, and the ones that did all called for nuts, which I didn’t want. I finally found a recipe in Family Fun magazine that sounded like what I wanted, and I don’t plan on looking any further. The cookies turned out perfect. They were buttery, tender, and just a little crisp, like a good shortbread, and the jam on top turned out sticky and sweet, like candy. I’m only sorry we didn’t discover them sooner!

For the recipe, click HERE.

3 thoughts on “Cherry Thumbprints”

    1. Andrea, I have tried so hard to find that recipe!! I never even wrote it down for myself; I always just followed the link, and now that’s it’s broken, I’m trying to find a comparable recipe. 🙁

      I do have a few other thumbprint recipes; you could just modify one of them to leave out any extracts other than vanilla, and use sour cherry preserves in the filling. Good luck!

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