Baguette Appetizer, 2 Ways

September 16, 2010 — 1 comment

I’m a bread girl. I know that bread makes you fat, and I could still eat is all day long. *Contented sigh.* For book club last week, I decided to venture away from the sweets (gasp!) and try something savory. I had two recipes I’d been wanting to try, both of which called for a baguette, both of which completely disappeared by the end of book club. I’m already thinking of when I can make them again.

Cucumber Munchers
from my cousin-in-law, April
It is important to use a cucumber with a tender, unwaxed skin, like a hothouse cucumber wrapped in plastic.

1 baguette
1-2 cucumbers
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup mayonaisse
1 package Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix
dry dill weed

Cut the baguette into 1/2″ slices. Wash the cucumbers, trim the ends, and cut into the same number of slices as the baguette. In a small bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Add mayo and italian dressing mix and beat to combine. Spread cream cheese mixture on top of baguette slices, top with a cucumber slice, and sprinkle with dill. Cover with plastic wrap and chill until ready to serve.

– – – – –

Crisped-Prosciutto and Avocado Crostini
from Martha Stewart
I knew when I saw these in a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living that I needed to make them. The combination of fresh, creamy avocado, salty prosciutto, and sharp cheese sounded just dreamy. And it was! These require some work, but are actually pretty easy to prepare. They look beautiful and disappear almost immediately! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find Manchego cheese, but it was in the specialty cheese section of my local Albertson’s.

Click HERE for the recipe.

1 thought on “Baguette Appetizer, 2 Ways”

  1. These were ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! A-MA-ZING. I am still dreaming about them. Especially the avocado one. YUMM. Where do I sign up to sit at your feet and learn how to be a better homemaker? Seriously.

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