Halloween Favorites

October 30, 2014 — 2 Comments

favorite halloween recipe projects

Tomorrow is Halloween! Here are a few of our Halloween family favorites: recipes, projects, and time-honored traditions for All Hallow’s Eve. Have a great weekend!

Candy Bar Surprise Cookies | Buttery cookies stuffed with trick-or-treating leftovers!
Fuzzy Spider Napkin Rings | A cute, simple way to dress up your table for Halloween dinner.
Halloween Stew | And speaking of Halloween dinner, this one’s our favorite. I’ve eaten it for dinner every Halloween of my life!
Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Fresh Orange Buttercream | So good! A great mix of sophisticated and down-right delicious!
Fall Caramel Corn 2 Ways | Pumpkin pie spice vs. peanut butter. Both amazing!
Halloween Ghost Pops & Printables | A classic childhood favorite redesigned!