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Amazing Things Will Happen


I’m a long-time collector of quotes. This is one of my favorites.

When I got home from Alt Summit in January, I expected to feel elated and strong and unconquerable. I’d been looking forward to going for so long, and had worked really hard to get there. I met amazing people and learned amazing things. But, much to my surprise and consternation, I came home feeling completely deflated and inexplicably sad. I don’t exactly know why; maybe it was having to bring my A-game for 4 days straight, maybe it was not having my support system there to buoy me up and tell me I’m good at what I do, maybe it was simply exhaustion after months of late nights. But I honestly felt like I didn’t know why I was blogging anymore and kind of wanted to just re-evaluate the whole thing. Which is totally crazy because I accomplished a lot while I was there and achieved goals I’d set, etc, etc. Anyway, I was chatting on the phone a few days later with my oh-so-wise brother, and he sent me the link to this video of Conan O’Brien’s farewell monologue from the Tonight Show a few years ago. And I watched it and cried and felt understood. And I decided not to give up, now or ever.

12 thoughts on “Amazing Things Will Happen

  1. LOVE THIS! Ah, so glad that we posted about similar things at the same time! It’s true, we should not give up, not now or ever. Let’s get that shiny dream!

  2. hi melissa! finally get to catch up on your blog… phewf! lady, i hear ya… sometimes this blog world we’re in just gets so exhausting… but the nice part about it is all the nice pals we get to meet! this is a great quote (as i saw on your instagram, too!) and i think it says so much about you – working hard and being kind are two wonderful things, and i see that in you through your blog and nice comments you always make!! keep on rockin’, lulu!

  3. just have to say i am lucky be one of the people who got to know you because of this blog. and thanks for such an honest post (kindof a relief because i get that!) and also have to say, you are a total rock star.

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