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Blogging By Mail: Really Fun and Surprisingly Stressful!

So, way back in September I signed up for this thing, Blogging By Mail, hosted by The Happy Sorceress of Dispensing Happiness fame. Here’s the gist of BBM:

  • After you sign up, you wait until the organizer sends you the name and address of your person.
  • You put together a package with fun little things in it and send it to your assigned individual.
  • You patiently wait until they receive it, then wait even more patiently for them to blog about how much they lurved what you sent them. (I’m still waiting for this one.)
  • You wait on pins and needles for your mysterious package to arrive from some far corner of the world, and you begin to think you are one of the handful of unlucky ones whose partner forgot them.
  • Your husband walks in one day–a day just like any other day–after getting the mail and hands you a big, fat package from…AUSTRALIA!!!

So I finally got my package from the lovely Fiona of Ms. Fifikins all the way from the land down undah (can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thundah). I’ve never gotten a package from Australia before, so that alone was quite exciting. And what was inside was even better:

  • Gondwana Chocolates–These look a little like Whoppers (the candy, not the burger), and they have something in them called “cinnamon myrtle,” which I’m completely unfamiliar with. They taste really good, kind of herby and strangely reminiscent of chocolate covered orange sticks, which I love and my husband thinks are disgusting.

  • Outback Spirit Wild Herb & Roasted Garlic Seasoning Sprinkle–Smells fantastic and looks like it would be good on some chicken grilled on the barbie.
  • Something called Pendleton Estate Almond Dukkah–Having NO idea what Dukkah was, I looked it up on Wikipedia. It is a ground nut and spice mixture from Egypt that you dip bread in after you’ve dipped the bread in olive oil. Or it can be used as a crust for meats. It smells heavenly!
  • Native Bush Spice Salt!
  • Tropic Star Green Leaf Tea–We shared this lovely tea with some friends and it was loved by all.

I love spices, so this package was perfect for me. And when I say I love spices, I mean I love spices so much I read the Penzeys spice catalog cover to cover and then SAVE it until I get the next one. Thanks Fiona for such a fun package!

2 thoughts on “Blogging By Mail: Really Fun and Surprisingly Stressful!

  1. I’m so glad you liked the package- I had lots of fun putting it together! Dukkah is divine on lamb especially- brush a rack of lamb or even backstraps with oil, press dukkah into them then bake. Or fresh bread dipped in oil then dukkah is also lovely!

    The herbs can be sprinkled on meats or also on top of bread before baking.



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