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In My Kitchen with Alison Faulkner


“If I can’t force myself to tackle cleaning my messy studio so I can get work done, I move the mess to the kitchen and start baking sugar cookies. For some reason, in my mind, creating beautiful baked goods to take to friends and neighbors justifies missing work deadlines and forcing my husband and child to live in a state of semi-squalor.

Other than the needed ingredients for sugar cookies and whatever icing you prefer (I usually use royal icing), here are some supplies that are handy to keep around so you too can use the elaborate process of baking and decorating sugar cookies as an excuse to opt out of cleaning and ward off anxiety attacks:

1. Parchment paper–I just buy the cheapest stuff the grocery store has to offer, but I won’t bake cookies without it. I also reuse sheets of parchment paper for multiple batches. Parchment paper is useful for lining your baking sheets, AND for lining your table as you decorate your cookies. I will even use the same sheets I baked on to line my table. Waste not, want not.

2. Mini offset spatula–This guy is really helpful for lifting delicate cookie shapes onto the baking sheet, and there’s really no substitue. It’s also a good tool to have on hand to quickly ice cupcakes, cakes, or anything else you feel like icing. You’ll be glad you dropped $4 on it.

3. Gel Food Coloring–The Wilton variety pack is a decent starter kit, but I MUCH prefer a gel food coloring like AmeriColor because I find the color of my icing comes out richer, and they are easier to pour. I keep a lot of colors on hand, but if you wanted to start with a few I’d suggest a pink or red, black, teal (or some shade of blue-green) and orange. Odd, I know, but you’d be shocked at how far those colors will take you.

4. Squeeze bottles–Lately I have been using disposable icing bags with a bunch of different tips, but this is because I’m a little more intense. Ha! A good squeeze bottle makes icing a BREEZE, but buy at least 2-4 so you can create different colors of icing in different bottles. I must have at least 8 regular size squeeze bottles and 2 with a fine tip dancing around in my cupboards.

5. Black food writing pen–People are going to think you are SO legit when you bust one of these out. Plus you can jazz up a solid color cookie so easily with these guys.”

– – – – –

Alison writes, creates tutorials and spends an unhealthy amount of time filming herself for her site The Alison Show. But her full-time job is as a mom for Gigi, a very spirited little lady who is only mildly terrifying. Alison loves her soon-to-be-expanding family (baby boy due soon!), crafts, sugar, Diet Dr. Pepper and you…in that order. She wants you to keep it crafty, and keep it sassy.

Alison let me guilt her repeatedly into writing this feature for me. She is an amazing person to have in your corner. She is loyal and loving, a champion and cheerleader. xoxo

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