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Our Favorite Chicken Salad


Chicken salad is one of my favorite things to eat in the whole, wide world. Whenever I’m having someone over for lunch, I automatically think, “Hey! I know what to serve–chicken salad!” In fact, if you come over to my house for lunch and I don’t serve chicken salad, it’s only because last time you came over, we ate chicken salad and I’m trying to diversify.

Chicken salad is one of those things you’d think you could easily throw together without a recipe–a little of this, a dash of that–but this recipe is so good, you’ll never want to wing it again! It comes from my friend Connie, who gets asked to make her famous chicken salad for every function she gets invited to. I shared it with my mom, who made it for a luncheon two weekends ago, and everyone in attendance was clamoring for the recipe. It is such a crowd-pleaser!

You can find the full recipe on my latest post for The Font Feast on Ciera Design.

15 thoughts on “Our Favorite Chicken Salad

    1. Stephanie, you’ve probably had this exact recipe before! It’s from Connie Evans. Surely you can’t have escaped the 4th ward without having had it at some function or another! I can think of a few that it was served at.

    1. Ooh, Megan, now you’ve put me on the spot! Let me know if you try and are successful in changing Riley’s mind about chicken salad. When we were first married, my husband said he hated quiche. And I totally tricked him into liking it. Success!

  1. Wow I have to say I’ve never seen a chicken salad made this way with cool whip and orzo and ranch powdered dressing. However from what you say I’m definitely going to make this.

    1. Vicki, when I asked for the recipe, I was as surprised as you by the ingredient list! But it really does make a delicious salad. The cool whip makes the dressing smooth and fluffy and just a little sweet, and the ranch powder gives it that yummy, savory flavor that I think so many chicken salads lack.

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