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Sweet Melissa Sundays: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Almonds

A few years ago, I finally found what I thought was the best-ever chocolate chip cookie recipe. I got it from my friend Jill, and it is basically the Nestle Tollhouse recipe but with a little extra flour added. I love that recipe; the cookies turn out soft, buttery, and delicious. As a result, I was skeptical that Melissa Murphy’s chocolate chip cookies could be as good.

I was so, so, so wrong. The first thing that both my husband and I said after we took our first bite was, “Oh My Gosh. Those are amazing!” (The kids liked them too, but they’re hardly discerning when it comes to sweets.)

The cookies call for best-quality semisweet chocolate cut into chunks, so I used 1 2/3 Scharffenberger 62% bars and 1 Lindt milk chocolate bar because I love milk chocolate. It turns everything it touches into gastronomic gold! You could easily use semisweet chips if you wanted to make these cookies a little easier, but I love the dirty, marbled effect you get from using chopped chocolate. The recipe also calls for toasted almonds, which really puts these cookies in a league of their own.

The best thing about these cookies is that they are really no harder to make than normal chocolate chip cookies. Toasting almonds and chopping nuts and chocolate bars only takes about 5 minutes of work, and after that the recipe is pretty standard.

The author of the Sweet Melissa Baking Book, Melissa Murphy, was our host this week!! You can find the recipe on the Sweet Melissa Sundays website, and can also check to see if the other Sweet Melissa bakers liked the recipe as much as I did!

17 thoughts on “Sweet Melissa Sundays: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Almonds

  1. Your cookies turned out great. I love the uneveness of chopped chocolate in cookies. I went the lazy route and used a combo of semi sweet choc chip and butterscotch chips. I also used those roasted/salted almonds that come in a can (ready to eat). That’s what making cookie dough at midnight does to you :o)

  2. They look perfect! I was tempted to use chocolate chips rather than chop up chocolate, but I agree that it was worth the bit of extra work for such a yummy cookie!

  3. I agree about the toasted almonds. Good stuff! I was lazy and just used chocolate chips, but I also like the effects of chopped chocolate. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Hi Melissa!

    I love your stacks of cookies! So glad you enjoyed the recipe- my family did too 🙂 I agree, the marbled effect created by the chopped chocolate is quite endearing! So is this your new go-to choc chip recipe? You’ll have to make a batch for your friend Jill and see what she thinks! Thanks for stopping by my site, and I hope to talk to you again after next weekend’s recipe!


  5. Your cookies looks absolutely delicious! We are just getting spring flowers in NZ, I think the one I used with my cookies is a Double Calgary Daffodil 🙂

  6. You loved the cookies! So did we and I am finding out that if I leave the cookie dough in the refrigerator for 24 hours before baking, the brown sugar gives the cookie an added carmelly flavor.

    Love your photos of the cookies! Great baking event =D

  7. I’m with you – this is a new favorite recipe for me! I love your photos! Makes me wish I had some cookies left to eat right now!

  8. Great post and good looking cookies there. I love the idea that you used two types of chocolate. Next time I’ll be adding a chopped Lindt milk chocolate bar into my batch of cookie dough. No more store bought cookies for me ~ I’m going strictly homemade.

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