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Sweet Melissa Sundays: Fresh Peach Muffins

I’ve been so torn this week between summer and fall. I know we’re still in the last days of August. School hasn’t even started here yet, and the days still get hot once the clouds burn off. But the mornings and evenings are chilly, and we had rain yesterday morning, and I was excited about it! So I feel like these peach muffins are my parting gift from a summer that has come and gone so quickly.

I’ve been excited to make these muffins for quite a while now, and they completely lived up to the expectations I set for them. I like jumbo, muffin-shaped cakes that masquerades as breakfast as much as the next person, but I loved that these muffins weren’t overly sweet. And I like spongy, artificially flavor baked goods from a box-mix quite a bit, but I loved that these muffins had some heft while still being light. I would have liked more peach flavor, but that is my only complaint. My entire family loved them. We will definitely make them again, and when we eat them, we will be reminded of summer.

This week’s recipe from The Sweet Melissa Baking Book was chosen by JoVonn of The Givens Chronicles. You can find the recipe on her blog, or by clicking here.

15 thoughts on “Sweet Melissa Sundays: Fresh Peach Muffins

  1. Ya they had some heft to them all right;)…but they were so good! Im glad they turned out good for you too. Your pictures are great,love the cinnamon stick!

  2. Lovely pictures! I’m glad that you enjoyed these muffins. They certainly are a rather poetic summer parting gift, but I agree that the peach flavor could be a little stronger.

  3. Beautiful photos, I’m glad these lived up to your anticipation! I’m also glad you had a chance to stop by before my giveaway ended, I’m posting the results tomorrow.

  4. Yum looking muffins!! Makes me want to bake up another batch – yep, all gone in this house, I liked ’em too! And I’m so jealous you’ve got freshly-picked peaches from the looks of it!! aah how my plastic, store-bought ‘ripen at home’ box pales in comparison.. xx

  5. Hi Melissa!

    Fabulous job on your muffins- they look just gorgeous! I’m glad to hear that they were a hit with your family too šŸ™‚

    Hope you’re doing well and having a great week! Look forward to hearing from you soon!


  6. I love the way you describe them as a parting gift from summer šŸ™‚ The muffins look gorgeous! Glad they turned out well for you. I thought they were a bit too dense without enough peach flavor.

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