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Sweet Melissa Sundays Rewind: Snickerdoodles

I feel bad to have missed out on so many weeks of recipes from The Sweet Melissa Baking Book. We’ve had what seems like the craziest summer ever. I finally had the chance to do a little baking this week, and decided to make last Sunday’s recipe, snickerdoodles. As with almost every other recipe I’ve tried from this treasure-trove of a cookbook, the snickerdoodles recipe was a big hit. The cookies were big and chewy, with the perfect amount of cinnamon-sugar coating. We ate them all very quickly, except the “models”, which I stuck in a ziplock and forbade anyone from eating until I could find time for a little picture-taking.

My only criticism of the recipe is that I didn’t think it had enough cream of tartar. The snickerdoodles I grew up eating had more cream of tartar, and I’ve gotten used to the little tang it gives the flavor of the cookie. But still, delicious! Thanks to Spike of Spike Bakes for choosing this recipe, which you can find on her blog here.

12 thoughts on “Sweet Melissa Sundays Rewind: Snickerdoodles

  1. Hi Melissa!

    How are you? Beautiful photographs of your snickerdoodles- I love how you tied them with a ribbon… absolutely adorable!

    I’m super excited to be hosting SMS this week, and I really hope you will bake along with me- it just wouldn’t be the same without you! And I promise, the recipe is a real winner (or at least I think so)! Hope you’re doing well, and I look forward to talking to you again soon. Have a great rest of your week šŸ™‚


  2. haha, great minds certainly do think alike. My boyfriend tells me its fools seldom differ but I ignore it šŸ˜›

    Just to let you know, I felt bad and opened up my giveaway to everyone, not just UK folk! I hope you enter :))

    Katie xox

  3. Hey stranger. I see you are making all kinds of yummy things.

    So you have to tell me how you make your snickerdoodles so perfectly shaped. Mine are too small. How do you make them big and perfect circles?

    Will I see you at the gym again someday? Miss you.

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