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Sweet Melissa Sundays: Sour Cherry Pie with Pistachio Crumble

I’m not a big cherry pie fan. Cherry pies have always tasted just a little fake to me. I love real cherries, but cherry pie filling just does not taste like real cherries. I will eat things made with cherry pie filling to be polite, but I would never, ever choose cherry pie over almost any other type of pie…until now! This beauty of a dessert is just so good! It calls for fresh or frozen sour pie cherries, but I couldn’t find those anywhere, so I used canned pie cherries (NOT cherry pie filling!). Toss the cherries with a little cornstarch, some sugar, and voila! It takes mere minutes and the results are so delicious and so not-fake-tasting that I don’t see why anyone would ever use canned cherry pie filling!

I’m a sucker for crumble topping, and the addition of pistachios in this one lent the oatmeal/cinnamon mixture an interesting, lemony crunch and a beautiful chartreuse color.

The only problem I had was the pie crust. I am a pie crust novice, but my husband is not. So, when I make this pie again (I’m thinking of adding it to the Thanksgiving line-up from now on!), if I’m not better at the pie crust thing, I can always have my husband make the crust for me. Or buy store-bought pie crust, but don’t tell anyone I said that!

I’m on vacation visiting my parents, and all my siblings are here too, so there were many tasters for this week’s recipe. The pie was universally well-received, but my sister, who LOVES cherry pie, said it was amazing and even shared a piece with me for breakfast the next morning. A high compliment indeed.

This week’s recipe was chosen by Michelle of Flourchild. Please, please go get the recipe from her blog; it was so delicious! And check out the other Sweet Melissa Sundays Bakers here.

14 thoughts on “Sweet Melissa Sundays: Sour Cherry Pie with Pistachio Crumble

  1. It looks like a gorgeous cherry pie and I’m so happy that it was well received by everyone in your family. Have fun on the rest of your vacation!

  2. Aww, I’m so glad you’re on vacation and getting to visit the family–and I’m so glad that they could be your fabulous taste testers! I think I’m absolutely in agreement with you: I normally can’t stand cherry pies, but this one was fabulous. None of that gross, overly gelatinous fake filling; only deliciousness! And the crumble was divine. Your pie turned out just beautifully!!

  3. Gorgeous pie! I’m happy to hear it was so successful for you and well-liked by all. I definitely recommend you try the Cook’s Illustrated pie dough, it’s always successful for me and very tasty.

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