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Sweet Melissa Sundays: Spiced Pumpkin Cookie Cakes

Another fantastic fall recipe from The Sweet Melissa Baking Book by Melissa Murphy! This week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Cookie Cakes was chosen by Debbie of Everyday Blessings of the Fivedees, and it was absolutely perfect for the rainy October weather we had this week.

The cakey cookies were sweet, tender, and perfectly spiced, and the tangy orange-flavored cream cheese filling was the perfect complement. But, they reminded me of the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies from some issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray from a few years ago, and I think I liked Rachel Ray’s recipe just a tiny bit more. If anyone wants to do a throwdown, I’d love to see if you agree!

PS–I followed the serving suggestion and sprinkled them with powdered sugar before taking them to bookclub (and before taking pictures), but those little suckers were so moist they sucked the powdered sugar up before I could photograph it!

PPS–Thanks to those of you who have signed up for the Brown Paper Package Exchange! I promise that it will be fun! And for anyone who still wants to sign up, you have until this Saturday, October 24th, to do so. Just click here to get started!

14 thoughts on “Sweet Melissa Sundays: Spiced Pumpkin Cookie Cakes

  1. I love the fall setting in your photos. I’m glad that you liked these cookies and that they were a hit. I’ll have to look at RR’s recipe. If you think that they’re better, then I’m very interested.

  2. Love the pics. I totally forgot to sprinkle them with Confectioner’s sugar but I imagine the same thing would have happened to me. My cakes were pretty moist.

  3. This seems so festive. The cookie cakes with the pumpkin in the background! I agree, they did seem like whoopie pies, but I think that they were really nice ones =]

  4. Did you go to a pumpkin patch with your cookies? I think you get the award for best photo staging this week! Your cookies look fantastic and I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  5. I love the background in your photos – so festive! My cookie cakes soaked up the powdered sugar too! I had to keep sprinkling a bit more on before photographing them šŸ™‚

  6. Love your pics! I second the nomination for best staging this week. My cookies soaked up a lot of the powdered sugar as well. My mom kind of gave me a funny look when I lunged across the kitchen after she suggested covering them with plastic wrap to bring to my husband. I knew the powdered sugar would melt in about two seconds! And will a little powdered sugar really hurt the car!!

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