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The Irish Fry


St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It exists in my life solely for the purposes of wearing green and eating yummy food. Every March 17th, instead of eating corned beef and cabbage for dinner like everyone else, we have an Irish Fry. And I look forward to it more than almost any other meal of the entire year!

Our Irish Fry tradition started with my mom’s little brother, Steve, decades ago. He spent a few years living in Ireland when he was in his early 20’s, and he noticed that corned beef and cabbage weren’t eaten nearly as often as he’d thought. What did turn out to be a very popular meal among the Irish people was a huge, satisfying breakfast feast–the Irish Fry! There can be lots of different components of an Irish Fry–toast, soda bread, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, even mushrooms!–but ours always consists of hashbrowns, fried eggs, sausage links (we especially love the maple-flavored ones), toasted and buttered english muffins, and baked beans. With the addition of the baked beans, it might strike you as a slightly weird combo, but I cannot put into words how delicious it is. It might sound crazy, but I think about it all year!

8 thoughts on “The Irish Fry

  1. Oh, this sounds delicious!!! When I lived in England, they did something similar to get over hangovers, except theirs included beans, which I could never quite do. šŸ™‚ I love, love, love your illustration!

  2. Joy, from what I discovered during my important research (aka, Wikipedia), it’s a pretty common breakfast all over the UK. Each country does it a little bit differently and adds their own twist on things.

    And this one does have beans. Baked beans. They’re possibly my favorite part!

    Hmm, maybe I’ll become an artist. I kid, I kid.

  3. Ahh… Ye Ole Irish Fry. We also sprinkle with malt vinegar… Do you? We are going to invite Uncle Steve over tomorrow. But only so that he’ll cook, not because we enjoy his company.

  4. Lulu, I hope you won’t think this impertinet of me but it’s a common misconception that the most popular traditional Irish meal consists of Corned Beef and Cabbage, it is actually Bacon and Cabbage (with potatoes of course!).
    Perhaps the colour of the meat is a reason for the confusion(?)
    I love visiting your wonderful blog and am a fairly new subscriber.

    Mary Mac

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