Giant Paper Pinwheels & Endless Summer Projects | Scavenger Hunts

May 28, 2014 — Leave a Comment

giant paper pinwheels

Happy Wednesday! I hope everybody had a great long weekend. I decided to treat myself to a weekend away from blogging, hence the absence of a blog post earlier in the week. To make up for it, though, I have two fantastic summer projects for you today! The first is super easy, 5 minute, giant paper pinwheels. So cute, so quick, and perfect for any summer party. You can find the directions on the guest post I wrote for Katherine’s Corner.

The second project I have for you is this week’s Endless Summer Projects post: Scavenger Hunt tips from Alexandra Hedin. We still have a few weeks of school left before the break, but I know some of you are already on summer vacation…and probably wondering what in the world you can find to keep your kids busy for the next three months! Check out Ali’s Scavenger Hunt post today for some great, summer fun ideas. You can also find MJ’s directions for kid-friendly large-scale wall art here, and Jennifer’s printable SUMMER banner here. See you next Wednesday with more Endless Summer Projects!

Endless Summer Projects Scavenger Hunt