Cheddar Scallion Biscuits

November 11, 2015 — Leave a Comment

from scratch cheddar scallion buttermilk biscuits

I love buttermilk biscuits. They’re seriously one of my favorite things to eat. I could eat just buttermilk biscuits for an entire day and be sooooo happy. Over the past few years, I’ve tweaked my favorite biscuit recipe to be absolutely perfect as far as I’m concerned. Lightly, fluffy, and a snap to make? Perfection. So I kind of surprised myself when I decided to tinker with the recipe by adding shredded cheddar and minced scallions. I thought they’d be tasty, but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing they were! They were just like regular biscuits, only better—a little saltier, a little more savory, a little more flavorful. Topped with butter and drizzled with honey, they were out of this world! You can find the recipe for these delish cheddar scallion biscuits on my Design to Dish post for Julep.