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2016 Reader Survey Results!

I did my first ever reader survey last month, and I’ve loved reading the responses and results! It has been really helpful to hear what kind of posts you like, what kind of posts you’d love to see, where you hang out on the internet, and more. I told you I’d share the results here, as well as answering any questions you asked. We’ll get to the questions over the next few weeks, because most of them require long answers. But in the meantime, I made some fun infographics so you can see some of the results to the survey questions.

Lulu the Baker reader survey 2016

What’s your favorite kind of post on Lulu the Baker? No surprises here! The answer is recipes. But the survey also let me know that there are readers out there who love the other types of posts on Lulu the Baker as well. Projects and home and garden posts fared well, and the In My Kitchen series had lots of fans.

lulu the baker reader survey results

What types of posts would you like to see more of? Again, recipes is the clear winner. I love that you guys love the recipes I post here, and I plan to continue working on great recipes for you regularly. I also plan on continuing to come up with great project ideas for you, adding in more home, farm, and garden posts, and reviving the In My Kitchen series, which I’ve always loved.

lulu the baker reader survey recipes

This was one of my favorite questions in the survey. I want to work on the kinds of recipes you guys are looking for, and I’m excited to start brainstorming ideas for quick and easy weeknight meals, family friendly foods, sweet treats, and a few special occasion, fancy recipes. And I’ll try to toss in the odd healthy/vintage/holiday/luncheon/crock pot recipe.

lulu the baker social media platforms

This was another favorite survey question. I know what my favorite social media platforms are. I love Instagram, and I always think Pinterest is fun to play around on. But it’s really important for me to connect with my readers where they are, where you are. And you guys love Facebook. So I’m going to make a bigger effort to be around on Facebook, to be active there. I’d love to connect with you guys on any social media platforms you hang out on. You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Google +.

I’ll be answering a few of those questions you asked in the survey over the next few weeks. If you have anything you’d like to ask me or talk about, feel free to email me at [email protected].


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