Candy-Free Classroom Valentines

February 5, 2016 — Leave a Comment

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, our school Valentine’s Day parties are happening one week from today. So exciting! My kids had a blast, as usual, choosing classroom Valentines from Minted, and can’t wait to hand them out to their friends next Friday afternoon. But I, the mother, have a confession to make: there’s a little part of me that dreads school holiday parties because my kids come home with so much candy. We don’t have a ton of candy around the house in general, so the moderate influx after school parties isn’t all that bad, I just don’t love having paper bags full of candy laying around for days on end. And my husband is a dentist, so he really doesn’t love the paper bags full of candy! I’d much rather have my kids come home from school with a bag full of candy-free classroom Valentines.

In the spirit of cavity-free teeth and healthy living, I have some fun, dentist-friendly classroom Valentines ideas to share with you today. These are some of our favorite classroom Valentines from Minted paired with cute, non-candy treats and trinkets that kids will love.

Candy-free classroom valentine ideas from Minted Candy-free classroom valentine ideas from Minted

Budding Artist | Sunshine Love | Hooked On You | Fin-Tastic | You Rule | All Write | Bunches | Dino Parade | Colorful Love | You’re a Hit

What are you and your kids doing for classroom valentines this year? Do your kids love giving sweet treats with their valentines, or are they open to fun little gifts like these? I’m curious to hear!

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