Dream House Update: Pretty Backyard Inspiration

August 12, 2016 — 2 Comments

Gorgeous dahlias in a summer cutting garden

We’ve had a glorious whirlwind of family events at our house this summer: fireworks, popsicles, soft serve, kickball, swimming, and endless days of fun with cousins. In preparation, we fixed up the guest room, spruced up the front yard, and filled the half-barrel planters outside the basement with ruby-colored geraniums and sunny lantana. We steadfastly watered the hanging baskets on the porch, stocked up on guest room treats and extra towels, and cleaned every inch of the house from top to bottom. But one thing we didn’t get to before the fun began was our back patio. There are only so many house projects one can handle at a time, and our poor backyard is still in the same state it was when we moved in nearly two years ago: a gravel patch where the patio should be, and dry grass where there should be a lush, manicured lawn. We have big, beautiful plans for that backyard, but while we’re waiting, I’m having fun being inspired by gorgeous patios, porches, and backyard gardens from all over the internet. I rounded up a few of my favorite dreamy patio pictures in this post for BHG’s Style Spotters earlier this year. Picture comfortable chairs, globe lights, and patio umbrellas, and you’re on the right track!

The other project we need to make some time for in our backyard is a flower garden. We have some gladiolus and dahlias growing out there right now, but I’m dreaming of rows and rows of beautiful blooms nodding in the balmy evening air. Check out this BHG post for some of my favorite flower garden pictures. These are the gardens that have planted the flower garden seed in my brain for next summer.