Dream House Update: Painted & Patterned Tile

September 1, 2016 — Leave a Comment

My newest obsession is painted cement or ceramic tile. In kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and more, they look amazing!

I have a new house-related obsession: painted, patterned tile. Walls, backsplashes, floors, showers—if you can put tile on it, I want it to be beautifully painted with intricate geometric designs. We have a little, half-finished kitchenette in our basement, and instead of using the same white subway tile we have in the main kitchen, I thought it would be fun to do something with a pretty pattern on it. I jumped online to find some ideas, and immediately fell down a rabbit hole of unbelievable tile with designs inspired by the cultural styles of Mexico, Morocco, Spain, France, Africa, Israel, and more. We’re talking serious gorgeousness, folks. And the ones that are carefully hand-painted might be a splurge (although if you only need them for a small area, it’s probably worth it), but there are some really affordable options available. Even some of the big box home improvement stores have inexpensive replicas, making this on-trend look achievable regardless of your budget.

Some of my favorite tiles are above, but you can see even more beautiful tile photos on my article for Better Homes & Gardens’ Style Spotters blog all about patterned kitchen tile.

[photos from Walker Zanger, Tabarka Studio via The Sweetest Occasion, Studio McGee, and Magnolia Market]