Classic Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

October 20, 2016 — Leave a Comment

Bake up a batch of these delicious pumpkin chocolate chip muffins today!

Helloooooo! I feel like I’ve been gone from this space for such a long time, but it has really only been a week. The past few weeks have been so incredibly packed with travel, events, hotels, and hustle, that it’s throwing off my whole concept of time. Two weeks ago, I put on The Hello Sessions, a conference for bloggers, artists, and creative business owners in Portland, and did a couple of book events while I was in town. Then I came home for less than 72 hours, had a lovely book signing here at home, and flew out to Seattle during one of the worst storms in the past few years to do more publicity and book events. I’ve gotten to meet and chat with so many wonderful people in the three weeks since Scandinavian Gatherings has come out, and there are more events on the horizon in more cities. But for the next few weeks, I get to be home with my family, cooking dinner, catching up on laundry, and doing a little Fall baking. First on my list (and requested by my children) were these classic pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. They are dense and spicy and full of milk chocolate chips, which are my favorite in pumpkin baked goods. Bake up a big batch today, and enjoy all the flavors of Fall in each delicious bite!

You can find the recipe for these yummy, perfect-for-Autumn pumpkin chocolate chip muffins on my latest post for Julep. Enjoy!