Faux Flower Headbands

DIY faux flower headbands

Happy Friday, Folks! We’re expecting really gorgeous weather this weekend, and have big plans to plant a vegetable garden, go to a soccer game, visit the tulip farm, and enjoy the sunshine.

I have a fun DIY for you just in time for all of the warm, sunshiny weather coming our way: Faux Flower Headbands. I’ve been loving the lush, colorful flower crowns popping up all over the internet lately, and decided to make my own, loooong-lasting flower headbands. These pretties will stay beautiful long after your garden party is over. You can find the directions on a guest post I wrote for my friend on This Heart of Mine. Click HERE!

DIY faux flower headbands

DIY faux flower headbands

chocolate pocky cake pink buttercream frosting

Chocolate Pocky Cake with Pink Buttercream

I know not everyone is familiar with Pocky, but my kids are obsessed with those little chocolate-dipped cookie sticks. When I spotted a cute pink and chocolate print on Minted, it instantly made me think of Pocky sticks, and towering chocolate cakes covered in pastel buttercream. So I put the two together and created a treat that… 

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after school snack homemade cookies oatmeal chocolate chip toffee bits

Oatmeal Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

My friend Melanie from Melanie Makes (and my co-conspirator on our old Melanie Makes/Lulu Bakes series) just welcomed a new baby to the world–congrats Melanie and family! I’m thrilled to be guest posting for her today on her blog, and sharing this insanely delicious, addicting cookie recipe. I stumbled across a bag of toffee chips… 

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thrill fill spill how to plant front porch garden urns

Dream House Update: How to Plant a Front Porch Container

We had quite the warm, sunny March here in Oregon! We don’t usually see much sunshine this early in the year, but last month had weeks and weeks of beautiful, balmy weather and blue skies. Thanks to the fabulous weather, I’ve been itching to replant the big urns flanking my front door, and finally had time to… 

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hello sessions minted urban farmer brunch blogger

The Hello Sessions Brunch with Minted

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen lots of little hints here and there about a huge project I’ve been working on with my friend Joy of Frock Files: we’re planning a conference! Two summers ago, Joy and I were lamenting that the Pacific Northwest is so rich in creativity but so lacking in… 

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homemade funfetti cake rainbow sprinkles

Homemade Funfetti Cake

Last Wednesday was Cakentine’s Day, and the celebration is still going strong here on Lulu the Baker! We’ve been trying out lots of different cake recipes lately, and I’ve got a few of our recent favorites to share with you this week. First up is Homemade Funfetti Cake. I love funfetti cake–it’s colorful and cute–but store… 

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cakentines day how to frost a cake

Everyday Citrus Cake & Cakentine’s Day

Today, I’m teaming up with some friends to celebrate Cakentine’s Day, a totally made-up celebration of all things cake. The idea of Cakentine’s Day started last month on February 14th when I was wishing my friend MJ a Happy Valentine’s Day on Instagram. I accidentally typed “cakentine’s” into my phone and autocorrect, being the awesome… 

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front porch planter container garden inspiration

Dream House Update: Front Porch Container Gardens

We’re on Spring Break this week! We decided to stay home and get lots of work done on the house instead of heading out of town to see the sights. “Lots of work” includes building a deer fence (wish us luck with that one!), cleaning out the garage, prepping our garden for Spring planting, and… 

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5-Minute DIY | Paper-Lined Desk Tray

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my studio in the basement should be finished soon, which is super exciting! I have a set of awesome cubby/bookshelves just waiting to be put together, and a brand new desk and lots of pretty office accessories to fill it with. I’m really excited to dress up my desk, and… 

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Mini Grasshopper Icebox Cakes

I’m a huge fan of elegant shortcuts, things that seem like you went to lots of trouble preparing, but really threw together in just a few minutes. Icebox cakes are a perfect example. They have very few ingredients and only take about 30 minutes to make, but they look really fancy when they’re plated up,… 

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st paddy's day food decor ideas party favorites

St. Patrick’s Day Favorites

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! It’s one of my favorite holidays. I know I say that about every holiday, but let’s just go with it. My family has an Irish Fry every year for St. Patty’s Day, which is basically the best breakfast-for-dinner in the history of the world. It’s one of my favorite meals,… 

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