Dream House Update: Navy Bedroom Ideas

August 4, 2015 — 8 Comments

navy bedroom ideasnavy bedroom inspiration photo from Emily Henderson

We’ve ignored our bedroom for years. Years! Our furniture is decent, but that’s honestly as far as the decorating in the master bedroom goes. There is nothing hanging on the walls, the pillows are all mismatched, and the bed is covered in a hideous brown and orange quilt that I accidentally spent a small fortune on at a charity auction a few years ago and feel compelled to use. But there is hope on the horizon, for I am in love with the color navy. We aren’t going to paint our walls dark blue (although it really does look spectacular in the photos I see), but we have a master plan involving fluffy white bedding, framed artwork, and lots of beautiful midnight sky-colored accents. And I actually bought a navy blue throw pillow this week, so we are taking baby steps in the right direction. To see the navy bedroom ideas that inspired our decor plans, visit my latest Style Spotters post for Better Homes & Gardens.