White Chocolate Oatmeal Jumbles

January 8, 2009

I spotted this recipe on the back of a bag of white chocolate chips a few weeks ago and thought, “Hmm. I MUST make those!” So the occasion arose today (lunch for almost 100 twenty-something boys), and the cookies were

2008, We hardly knew ye

January 2, 2009

I can’t believe it is already the second day of a brand new year! I remember this time last year so clearly, it is hard to imagine that a whole year has gone by. I also can’t believe how long

Attention! Attention! GIVE-AWAY!!!

November 20, 2008

THE MAX AND ELLIE GIVE-AWAY WINNER IS…NICOLE RADKE!!! Congrats Nicole. Please let me know which of the two prizes you would like. And to everyone who played our little game–all 8 of you :)–a big, big thank you. If you

Crafting for a Cause

November 11, 2008
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I’ve been quite addicted to sewing lately. Appliqued onesies, aprons, felt projects, festive pillowcases, Trick-or-Treating bags my child later refused to use..you name it, I want to sew it! So I was really excited when I found an easy, rewarding

Martha’s Chocolate Cupcakes

November 8, 2008

We had an exciting election and a family birthday this week, so I made chocolate cupcakes to celebrate. As soon as I decided on cupcakes, I knew exactly which recipe I wanted to make. I hadn’t actually seen it in

The-Best-I’ve-Ever-Had Chunky Applesauce

October 30, 2008

We’ve got apples coming out our ears right now. Some are from our ridiculously productive dwarf 4-way apple. Some are from the farmer’s market. The best-tasting ones are actually from an orchard our friends gleaned! I was planning on canning

October Daring Baker’s Challenge: Pizza

October 28, 2008

Yes, the picture is a recycled one from earlier in the year. It gets dark too early to get good pictures now. I love homemade pizza, so I was decently excited about this month’s Daring Baker’s Challenge. Not super excited,

Easy Sugar Cookies

October 20, 2008

Last Valentine’s Day I decided that I had HAD it with traditional sugar cookie recipes. I love how they taste, but I just can’t stand setting aside an entire day to see them through from start to finish. The mixing,