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The Seasons Tree | Paper Leaves


Since March is the month for all things green, and since Spring and warm weather are most assuredly on their way, I decided to spruce up the seasons tree with some lovely green leaves this month. I didn’t want to make leaf ornaments this month, mostly because leaves don’t hang from trees, so I attached some wire to each paper leaf and used it to firmly attach the leaves to the branches. So simple, and really beautiful! I might leave them up until the Fall!


Materials & Tools
green card stock
green floral wire
wire snips
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks

1. Cut paper leaves out of green card stock. If you have a die cutter, feel free to use it. Since I don’t, I just free-handed them, and it really only took a few minutes.
2. Cut a 5″ piece of wire to go with each leaf.
3. Hold the leaf and wire together with one end of the wire matched up with the pointy end of the leaf, as pictured in the photo below.
4. Carefully add a line of hot glue over the wire, and hold it for a few seconds until the glue begins to cool and the wire is stuck to the paper. You can alternately lay a leaf on the counter, put a line of glue down the center of it, and lay the wire on top of it. I honestly used both methods and they’re pretty much equally easy.
5. Continue gluing until you have as many leaves as you’d like. I made two dozen leaves for my little tree.
6. When all of your leaves are complete and all of the glue has dried, attach leaves to the tree by placing each leaf against a branch and wrapping its wire around the branch several times. You can either wrap and wrap and wrap until the entire bit of wire is used up, or you can wrap the wire around the branch two or three times, and then tuck the remaining wire behind the body of the leaf.


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