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January 9, 2015 — 1 comment

in my kitchen sarah heart sarah khandjian

“I love to cook delicious meals for my family and friends, but it’s no secret that I’m best known for my desserts. Maybe it’s because I seem to have an insatiable appetite for sweets, but I just love ending a great meal with a wonderful dessert. I mean, who doesn’t have room for dessert when you serve warm homemade cookies or freshly churned homemade ice cream? Over the past couple years, I’ve stocked up on pretty dessert plates, small white bowls, and tons of glassware so I’m always ready to serve sweets to two or even twenty guests. And since it’s perpetually summer here in Florida, this fresh orange juice float is one my go-to sweets when I need dessert in an instant. It’s refreshing, not overly sweet, and looks so pretty with a sprinkle of fresh orange zest on top. And my DIY dot glassware—decorated with adhesive vinyl—really is the icing on the cake!”

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Sarah Khandjian is the crafty maker behind the DIY and lifestyle blog Sarah Hearts. She is a graphic designer turned maker with a passion for creating lovely things. When not blogging or hosting Meet + Make™, Sarah can be found at the barn with her horse (her other passion).

I met Sarah two years ago at Alt Summit, and we’ve been friends ever since. She is a DIY genius with a fantastic aesthetic. Her projects are always creative and beautiful, her blog is gorgeous, and her designs are smart and chic.

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