Dream House Update: Front Porch Container Gardens

March 24, 2015 — Leave a Comment

front porch planter container garden inspiration

We’re on Spring Break this week! We decided to stay home and get lots of work done on the house instead of heading out of town to see the sights. “Lots of work” includes building a deer fence (wish us luck with that one!), cleaning out the garage, prepping our garden for Spring planting, and possibly installing a plank wall in our mudroom. What I’m most excited about working on this week is new planters for our front porch. I bought some pretty black urns planted with coral bells and lavender for a song when we first moved in at the beginning of November, but they are in desperate need of a Spring update. I’ll be sure to post a few pictures on Instagram when I get them refreshed. To get you inspired in the meantime, visit my latest Style Spotters post to see a dozen different ideas for gorgeous, colorful container gardens. [You can find sources for all of the photos above on my Style Spotters post, and lots of the links have the names of the plants used in each container.]