Dream House Update: Front Yard Landscaping

May 10, 2016 — 4 Comments

front yard landscaping ideas

One of our big house goals this year was to make some landscaping headway. One of the things we never really thought about when we were building our house was the fact that no one was going to be doing any landscaping for us unless we specifically asked them to. When you buy a resale house, it always has landscaping. And when you buy a home from a builder, it always has landscaping. The landscaping just comes with the house and you don’t even have to think about it unless you want to change it. But when you build your own house, there’s absolutely nothing there unless you put it there. So for the past few months, we’ve been working on landscaping the front yard: picking a style, choosing, finding, and buying the plants, and putting each and every plant in the ground. We worked with a landscape architect on the overall design for the whole property, but the front yard landscaping was all up to us. And it was quite the challenge!

I wrote about the entire process for Better Homes & Gardens’ Style Spotters blog.
Part 1: Inspiration! See what beautiful landscapes from around the web caught our eye and inspired us.
Part 2: Planning! How in the world, with no training or experience whatsoever, did we come up with a pretty solid design plan?
Part 3: Plants! After all the research and planning, what plants did we end up getting for our yard?
And Part 4: The Big Reveal! See how it all came together to make a *fingers crossed* beautiful, Mediterranean-inspired front yard.