Winter Citrus Bars

January 10, 2017 — Leave a Comment

Make these amazing citrus bars with your favorite citrus fruit!

It’s such a happy coincidence that winter is citrus season, isn’t it? Here in Oregon, winter usually means lots of grey skies and gloomy days; we sometimes go weeks without seeing the sun. It’s so lucky, then, that citrus season is exploding just when we need a little sunshine. I try to pack as much citrus fruit into the season as I can, whether it’s eating fresh cara cara oranges, carefully sectioning pink grapefruits for a delicious citrus and avocado salad, or making homemade blood orange sherbet. One of my favorite things to make with citrus fruits is classic bars topped with homemade curd. Lemon bars are a bakery favorite, but every other flavor I’ve tried is equally amazing. You can’t go wrong with citrus bars when you combine a buttery shortbread crust, a layer of tart, homemade lemon, lime, or tangerine curd, and a generous dusting of snowy powdered sugar.

Click HERE to get the recipe for these mouthwatering citrus bars on Julep today, and use your favorite citrus fruit to bring a little sunshine to your midwinter week! And if you need more great citrus recipes, be sure to try Everyday Citrus CakeLime Meltaways, or Lemon Sugar Cookies with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.