Farm Photos

September 20, 2017 — 2 Comments

scenes from our modern country life

I don’t know how long you’ve been a Lulu the Baker reader, but I used to write about my kids and our adventures and the animals on our tiny farm all the time. After blogging for over 9 years, I tend to forget what I used to write about. I think I must have put all of that on the back burner when we started construction on our house, and I’ve never really gotten back to it. But I want to remedy that now.

To give you some quick background info, our house is on about 3 acres. We have a big garden with vegetables and flowers, a little orchard with fruit and nut trees, and an old, old barn that we hope to restore someday. We also have seven chickens, a few beehives, and two bunnies, and I’d love to get an alpaca or a miniature donkey because it doesn’t get much cuter than that, does it. My in-laws live about 20 minutes away from us on a little 16-acre farm. When we were still living in the city, with a yard the size of a postage stamp, they let us do all sorts of fun things on their land, like keep bees and raise pigs. Moving out to the country has eased our farm fever a little, and my in-laws are probably happy to have us experimenting in our own yard instead of theirs. They still raise chickens and cows and have lots of land for our kids and the cousins to run around on, and they just added some really darling sheep to the crew.

Back when I posted about farm stuff with regularity, I had a series called “Farmstagram” where I’d share my farm life photos from the past few months on Instagram in a little 3×3 grid. You can see my old Farmstagram posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. The name is silly, but the pictures are lovely and sweet. Here is a new batch of farm photos…

sweet peas in the evening

our sheep

a tunnel of sweet peas

Two of our sweet hens

garden fresh green beans

collecting eggs

the flower garden in the evening sunshine

vintage barn in the snow

queen anne's lace