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Dream House Update: 5 Farmhouse Style Favorites

5 home trends that go perfectly with modern farmhouse style

We’ve officially passed the 18 month mark in our house! Things we have accomplished in the past year and a half: having my office and a playroom finished in the basement; installing a plank wall in the mudroom; putting in an orchard and garden, surrounded by a deer fence that is good at its job but maybe not beautiful; setting up a chicken coop and rabbit hutch; putting in a basketball hoop and, completely unrelated, 4 flowering cherry trees; landscaping our front yard; and having an area scraped and graveled for a back patio. Things we still have on our to-do list: oh my gosh, way too many to mention! Every weekend, we try to get a little further down the list. We want to have the concrete for our back patio poured and the guest room in the basement finished before Summer gets much farther along. Those are the two most immediate projects that come to mind, but then literally thousands of other things still need doing. We have one project we are really eager to see happen, but we’re not sure exactly how to do it, and I don’t want to give anything way and spoil the surprise, so you’ll have to wait for more info on that later. Building this house has been exciting, exhausting, sometimes frustrating, and ultimately, so much fun. We would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Which brings me to my latest post for BHG’s Style Spotters blog. One of my favorite things is still looking at pictures of beautiful houses, even though ours is finished (for the most part). I rounded up 5 of my favorite trends that fit in perfectly with the modern farmhouse style we tried to achieve in our house, and which is so popular right now. Some of the design elements made it into our home, and the others I only wish we’d thought of in time! You can read all about my 5 Farmhouse Style Favorites and see lots of beautiful inspiration pictures on my latest Style Spotters post.

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